ITEP Lattice Group: Introduction

The first ITEP publications devoted to lattice gauge theory were "Phase Transition Over Gauge Group Center And Quark Confinement In QCD" by S.B. Khokhlachev, Yu.M. Makeenko [1] and "Phase Diagram Of Mixed Lattice Gauge Theory From Viewpoint Of Large N" by Yu.M. Makeenko, M.I. Polikarpov [2]. The first numerical study of lattice theory in USSR was performed in 1982 in the "Monte Carlo Study Of Plaquette Spectral Density", Yu.M. Makeenko, M.I. Polikarpov and A.I. Veselov [3]. After several theoretical and numerical publications the ITEP lattice group was formed, the official status had been obtained by this group in 2001 when the ITEP lattice laboratory was formed (laboratory number 191).

Now the ITEP Lattice Group joins twenty researchers, the regular seminars take place in auditorium 418-419 in ITEP building 180. The prime topics of our investigations include (but not limited to):

  • models of color confinement
  • dynamics of topological objects in 3D and 4D systems
  • nonperturbative aspects of Yang-Mills theories and, in particular, of QCD
  • simulation of the QCD vacuum at zero and finite temperature with dynamical quarks
  • lattice approaches to the standard model and quantum gravity.


Conact lab 191 secretary Olga Larina.

Secretary is located in the office 306 building 180 of ITEP (also see how to get).

Phone: +7-(499)-129-95-73, fax: +7-(499)-127-08-32.

To call on:

в четверг 11 октября в 14:00 в корп 180 ИТЭФ состоится семинар: Сергей Вадимович Троицкий
"Неожиданные связи между инфракрасными и ультрафиолетовыми параметрами пионоподобных состояний в сильносвязанных калибровочных теориях"

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